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The Advancement Collaborative

Fund Raising, Strategic Communications and Volunteer Coaching


A well-crafted and priced survey can supply a business or organization with highly valuable and actionable information. Just a few possible uses of online questionnaires are below: 

  • Client or Customer satisfaction
  • Employee evaluation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Competitive market intelligence
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Feedback from meetings
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Membership survey
  • Product testing
  • Evaluation of seminars
  • Team assessment 

"NO" is not usually the answer, except when it comes to online surveys:  

  • No printing costs
  • No mailing costs
  • No small samples driven by processing costs
  • No long completion timelines
  • No delay in creating and approving the survey
  • No telephone follow up costs. 

TAC, with the Great Lakes E-Center can help you develop and analyze an online survey to suit your needs and your budget. Below are some examples: