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The Advancement Collaborative

Fund Raising, Strategic Communications and Volunteer Coaching

Organizational Assessment Surveys

Not for profit organizations are under increasing pressure to perform better and create more value. Add to these expectations “transparency,” and you have the new “big 3” of management. If you had to cut through all of the rhetoric, “what if’s” and “should have’s” presentations, what your organization is left with is “alignment.” 

At TAC, we promote this concept to organizations of all sizes. If you are correctly positioning the project portfolio with resource allocation and market trends within the organization, you can better understand potential successes and constraints. Through our experience, we understand a manager’s reluctance to invest in “easily understood” principles, but we also know what produces results and provide a canvass upon which to build transparent strategies and plans.

An easy way to depict organizational alignment is through matrix analysis that relates “importance to company” to “ability of company to implement”. Creating this process and sharing it on a regular basis with staff and others will help ensure that management is listening and responding in a timely and effective manner.