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The Advancement Collaborative

Fund Raising, Strategic Communications and Volunteer Coaching

About Us

The Advancement Collaborative (TAC) mission statement: to bring experienced professionals together with innovative ideas to solve social, educational and cultural resource challenges. TAC's competitive advantages are built around the concepts of: strategic conversations, message development, staff training, prospect research, cultural recognition and trusted counsel. We deliver results on time and on budget that comply with the client's RFP and expectations.

TAC has experienced entrepreneurial leaders at all levels of our value chain to assist clients. Clients want consultants who represent them at their best and who will advance the client's best case in a positive and professional manner.

We deliver compelling results on time and on budget. Our clients tell us that the professionals they work with are available 24-7.

TAC works for the client in generally understood organizational areas related to not-for-profit management:

*Fund Raising and Development
*Strategic Communications and Media
*Resource Development
*Community Relations
*Alumni Relations and Leadership Planning
*Board Development and Volunteer Management
*Data Base Processes and Prospect Research
*Staff Mentoring

TAC can assist your organization, when you are moving from visioning to voicing, and timely results matter.